Chicago Humanities Festival presents: Anabel Hernández

13 October, 2019

Anabel Hernández lives in hiding. She has bodyguards. Death threats fill her inbox. Why? Because she’s a journalist who, over the past twenty plus years, has become known for exposing corruption in the Mexican government and the inner workings of the drug cartels. This work has earned Hernández the Golden Pen of Freedom award, recognition from UNICEF, and the French Legion of Honor, but it has also put her life in danger. Hernández joins Patrick Radden Keefe, who covers the cartels for The New Yorker, to discuss her work and her belief that the power of speaking out outweighs the safety of silence.

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This program is generously underwritten by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation and is presented in partnership with Contratiempo.

Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm